How to Maintain a Clean Home During Hermosa Beach Summers

How to Maintain a Clean Home During Hermosa Beach Summers

Summer is the time of year when everyone wants a clean house, even if you do not mind too much other times. This season is full of joy, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges in trying to keep a home clean. Summer saps the strength of even the most rigorous housekeeper! Read on for the ultimate Hermosa Beach summer cleaning guide to keep your home clean and tidy during this busy time of year.


Control Sand and Soil

Cut the Sand: When living in close proximity to the beach, one of your greatest challenges is going to be keeping sand from getting inside.
Use doormats on the floor, an outdoor and indoor mat by all entry access points to capture sand before it enters. Keep the sand outside: Have a rule that everyone brushes themselves off before getting in and consider having an area where folks can rinse their feet, bathing suits, or other beach gear.

Designate a Beach Bag Spot: One of the best things to do is have an area that you should use only for beach bags and gear. Hooks and small storage containers by the entryway can control some of this clutter.
Remind people to leave their sand in the bags, and shake out towels before bringing them inside.

Avoid Humidity & Use Dehumidifiers: Summer humidity can make your home feel damp and musty. Dehumidifiers in the living rooms, bedrooms, and basement can prevent humidity retention.
This not only keeps the air clean but also stops mold and mildew from growing.

Ventilate: This is something that should be commonplace, but it still needs to be said: you need your home well-ventilated. Turn on bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to decrease moisture.
Also, opening windows at cooler times of the day will let fresh air blow through your home.

Frequent Cleaning Routine with a Broom: Sand and dirt can build up rapidly in summer. Sweep or vacuum daily to keep floors clean.
Concentrate particularly on the heavy-traffic zones and door areas to prevent grit from getting throughout your house.

Regular Dusting: Higher than normal humidity levels mean that dust will attract more quickly. Dust can accumulate quickly on surfaces, especially if you ignore frequent dusting of ceiling fan blades and any shelving or electronic devices.
Simply wipe them with a microfiber cloth to capture all the dust.

Keep Outdoor Spaces Tidy

Outdoor Furniture: If you are like me, my outdoor furniture can become filthy pretty fast with daily use. Clean chairs, tables, and loungers with a mild soap solution regularly.
You can also clean your furniture with a water and vinegar solution for more stubborn stains at times.

Clean the Patio and Deck: Sweep patios and decks for dirt and debris. If you utilize a grill, clean it after each use to ward off excess buildup.
If you clean the outdoor environment, it may be more fun to hang out there and prevent dirt from being tracked indoors.

Seasonal Decluttering: Summer is a great time to declutter.

Smart Storage Solutions: Put away winter clothes and things you will not be using in the following months.
This allows for more free space and makes it easier to keep your house organized. Use plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags to keep things from getting damp.

Beach Essentials Organized: Stow sunscreen, hats, and beach toys in baskets or on shelves near the entry.
This saves a ton of space, keeps clutter to a minimum, and makes sure you can be beach-bound at all times.

Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Products (Green Choices): Keep your house clean and those who live there healthy by using eco-friendly cleaning products.
Natural products are effective and good for the environment. For example, make your cleaning materials at home using vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, etc.

Materials such as Cloths: Choose cleaning materials like microfiber cloths; the mop head should be washable.
Natural bristle brushes are best. These are environmentally friendly cleaning tools that actually work!

Fewer Dust Mites Mean Better Health for Your Family: It's not just about the clutter and chaos that summer brings—more playtime outside can also mean fewer dust mites in your home, which is better for your family.
Even better, a good bunch of Hermosa Beach house cleaning services and maids can manage the big deep clean while also saving time on your end for you to revel in every moment summer has to offer. Deep clean at the beginning of summer—I have specific areas in my house that typically need way more TLC than any other area. Using the start of camp as an excuse to do a deep dive on these places and pressure wash everything, etc., really does feel cathartic! Have professional maids do your carpets, upholstery, and all those nooks that housekeepers will never get clean now.

Conclusion: You need not make an effort to actually clean your house during summers in Hermosa Beach. Follow these simple tips to have a clean home and a clear space all season long. Restore your home to make it shine brightly yet again, giving sound management for sand and maintaining a humid-free environment with regular cleaning. Adopt green products and, if required, take the help of a professional. By putting some effort and organization into the summer in lovely Hermosa Beach, it is possible to make your season last.

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